Glamour + Camping = Glamping

Glamping is the latest trend in camping, combining the words “glamour” and “camping” and presenting campers with new standards for luxurious amenities and services. Originating in Europe, the glamping concept is proving to be a very popular option for both new campers who may be used to staying at resorts and hotels, as well as seasoned campers who have no desire to “rough it” and simply want the best.
Cape Cod Campresort is at the forefront of this popular new trend. Our Glampsites are our best premium and large sites, completely rebuilt and beautifully landscaped. They also include custom patios and walkways, BBQ grill and custom brick fireplaces, and special family-sized picnic tables with umbrellas (on request).
While we introduce this new concept, we are offering these sites for only a very modest premium over the cost of our conventional premium and large sites. Availability is limited, so be sure to reserve your glamping site early!

Off-Season Rates
May 1, 2018 - June 21, 2018 | September 3, 2018 - October 14, 2018
Type: Daily: Holidays: Weekly: Monthly:
Premium Glampsite: $79.00 $105.00 $505.00 $1,430.00
Prime Season Rates
June 22, 2018 - September 2, 2018
Premium Glampsite: $105.00 $117.00 $670.00 $2,355.00