Online Survey & Camper Comments

Cape Cod Campresort & Cabins strives to help create happy vacation experiences, and your satisfaction is our utmost concern. If any part of your camping experience leaves you anything less than satisfied, we hope that you will take the time to call matters to our attention … preferably while you are still here at the resort. We will do everything possible to resolve any problems as promptly and efficiently as possible. Even after you have returned home, we encourage you to share your comments using this simple survey form. We will post selected comments at the bottom of this page, in an attempt to allow future guests to make informed decisions based upon the actual experiences of our recent guests.

Online Survey

Cape Cod Campresort & Cabins strives to help create happy vacation experiences, and your satisfaction is our utmost concern. If any part of your camping experience leaves you anything less than satisfied, we hope that you will take the time to call matters to our attention … preferably while you are still here at the resort. We will do everything possible to resolve any problems as promptly and efficiently as possible. Even after you have returned home, we encourage you to share your comments using this simple survey form. We will post selected comments at the bottom of this page, in an attempt to allow future guests to make informed decisions based upon the actual experiences of our recent guests.

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Please rate the following on a scale from 1-4 (where 1 is the best and 4 is the worst):
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Camper Comments

  1. We have been coming here for 7 years, each year the campground gets better and better. The owner is continually making improvements. The staff is more than accommodating, Kim, Karen and Tammy at the front desk and John in the field, they will do anything to help make your stay as enjoyable as possible. This is the best campground on the Cape, we will continue to come here each Memorial Day Weekend!”
    – D.B., Johnston, RI
  2. “This resort is simply a fantastic family resort that must be experienced. The park, fitness area, the pools, beach, bathrooms/showers and grounds were always clean and well maintained. The staff was friendly and courteous. The resort is in a great location … a short hop to town, several beaches, shopping, etc. We stayed in a cabin. It was simply awesome! Clean, lots of space, and everything you needed was there … including air conditioning for those hot days and a TV/DVD to entertain the kids on the one day of rain we had! Simply put … a great experience! We had a bit of a plumbing issue during our stay, when the sink drain was leaking. The Gentleman that came to repair it did so immediately, was very friendly, and gave us some ideas on places to visit and how to get there cost-effectively. Also, prior to setting out on our vacation, a lady from the resort called us at home and went over the items that were included and gave us some suggestions for items that we should bring with us … very much appreciated!”
    – G.K., Wasaga Beach, Ontario
  3. “We went two weekends in a row and loved every minute of it. A staff member Tammy went above and beyond to help us set up our camper. She was always there for us when we needed ANYTHING. We plan on going back to this resort a few more times this season. EVERYONE had a great time and can't wait to go again. This is a kid and family oriented resort. Many activities for the kids throughout the day they were NEVER bored. Bathrooms and showers very clean.
    – T.A., Dartmouth, MA
  4. “This vacation we decided to go camping and, as luck would have it, we found the perfect spot. Cape Cod Campresort & Cabins, located in East Falmouth, MA near Woods Hole and Martha’s Vineyard, was the best of both worlds. Camping was never more fun. We started with a tent site and later, due to the weather, moved into a cabin. We had the honor of meeting the greatest hospitality team. They were more than willing to help and advise and just made you feel like you were staying with family. The best thing was that there were a lot of things to keep our 7 year old and our now adult son busy. They have 2 swimming pools, one for adults with a hot tub, and a family pool with a tunnel slide that the kids loved. Their recreation room had video games for the kids. Oh, I forgot to mention the jungle gym, in the kids’ play area, my daughter loved it. They have a lake, and boating was available but we didn’t take the trip. The location was near several beaches, not to mention the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, and there was a winery not too far from where we stayed. We’re definitely going back next year. This time we’re bringing all the kids, all of which are adult and were looking forward to having an excellent time as we did this time around. I’d also like to say thank you to the staff. They were fantastic! Thank you to John, Kim, Mike and staff. You guys get five stars all around for being the very best.”
    – Janice St John, Brooklyn, NY
  5. “Cape Cod Campresort is super – it is well kept, with great pools and bathing facilities, and a very nice lakeside beach. Our premium cabin was great; it was clean, it had nice bedding, and a full kitchen with appliances; and we especially loved the screened porch overlooking the pools! Cold air conditioning was very welcome, when needed! The facility is also well run, with quiet times maintained, and plenty of friendly staff around to help with questions and service – thanks for a great experience!”
    – D.N., New Jersey
  6. “This was the first campground we stayed out and we were quite surprised. It is not a campground but instead a 5 star resort … from the friendly staff, to the 3 beautiful pools. Although we have no children, the place is great for bringing children. We were also impressed with the cleanliness, and the showers. Before we left, we checked out a cabin. I could live in one of their cabins, they are so nice. We do not have children, but travel with our dogs. They are so dog friendly there, but I hope they add a doggie park. That would make the place PERFECT.”
    – Victor and Maria Rodriquez, Pittsburgh, PA
  7. “Cape Cod Campresort has huge sites. We loved the adult only pool, motorcycles allowed, everything was clean, pretty good sized store with anything you would ever need! We didn’t have the best weather, but made the best of it. We are coming back in September, and I can’t wait.”
    – Cynthia S, Quincy, MA
  8. “We liked the staff, the cleanliness and the amenities. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who wishes to be in the natural, quiet, and beautiful grounds that Cape Cod Campresort offers. It is not an ordinary camping site, but a fabulous resort.”
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Parco, Miami, FL
  9. “We liked everything about Cape Cod Campresort. The campground was very nice, and our site was close to the pool so it was great with the kids. The Adult pool closed a little early. Other than that, we loved the place. One staff member went out of her way to help us, and she was off duty. The staff has got to be the must pleasant group of people I’ve met in a long time. Everyone is VERY friendly. We would definitely come back!”
    – L.L., Redding, Connecticut
  10. “We are from New Jersey and came to the Cape for the first time. We picked your resort and called to inquire. From the minute MaryAnn answered the phone, we were sold. She was so excited about your campground - and so nice - that we didn't even shop around. We arrived and were not disappointed. You have a beautiful campground and MaryAnn was terrific. Our registration was smooth, and she was so accommodating to our needs. Thanks for a great time, and we will be back.”
    – J.Y., New Jersey
  11. “Clean Grounds - Clean Pools - Staff that actually seemed to care about your stay. We booked for 2010 before the end of our 2009 stay! The staff was all very friendly and helpful.”
    – G.R., Lexington, Massachusetts
  12. “The staff is like family and will do any thing to make your stay enjoyable. Kim, John and Maryann are outstanding and bend over backwards to accommodate you. This is the BEST campground on Cape Cod.”
    – T.G., Centerville, Massachusetts
  13. “This was the first campground that I have visited that was so well organized at check-in. It was effortless and painless, not to mention no waiting. They were prepared for our arrival. Our overall experience was positive. Great customer service!”
    – G.P., Plainview, New York
  14. “An overall great camping experience! The campground was very clean, safe, and quiet. I liked the paved sites, and the roads were well paved for bike riding. The site was plenty big enough, and we even had visitors that could park their car on the site with no problem. The kids loved the waterslide and the basketball court/playground. Everyone was very friendly. We didn’t really get to know anyone by name, but the staff on the golf carts always waved and made sure the kids on bikes stayed safe. We even needed ice after the store closed and a member of the security staff was happy to help us.”
    – A.L., Leominster, Massachusetts
  15. “We had a positive experience in the Fall of 2008. We enjoyed the Halloween weekend. My kids had a blast in the parade and trick-or-treating.”
    – E.E., Taunton, Massachusetts
  16. “Love how there is so much to do there, never a need to leave the campground if you don’t want to. Very close to the beaches and stores. SO clean and the staff is so nice.”
    – N.H., Massachusetts
  17. “Cape Cod Campresort was the nicest and cleanest campground we have ever been to. We look forward to returning.”
    – D.V., Norton, Massachusetts
  18. “The new, clean, well kept, condition of the “cabin” was a nice surprise. I liked the secure nature of the campground also. I was very happy with the convenience to the local villages. Despite the fact that we had no power on Saturday night into Sunday morning due to a Nor’easter, we were safe and sound. It was a nice experience and hope to come back again, next time with our travel trailer. I also felt that Kim was very helpful and accommodating to my numerous phone calls prior to our visit.”
    – S.H., Secaucus, New Jersey
  19. “This campground has a lot to offer, including a beautiful new pool and hot tub. The surroundings were mellow and quiet. Not too noisy. I also noticed that, no matter how busy the office got, the staff still remained friendly and helpful. Whoever was responsible for keeping up the new bathroom facilities, did a commendable job. Always clean, day and night.”
    – G.O., New Windsor, New York
  20. “Very quiet. Paved roads for children to ride their bicycles. Great proximity to all area attractions. Very friendly staff.”
    – S.H., Secaucus, New Jersey
  21. “It was great ... the cabins have everything you need, and the space was nice.”
    – H., Massachusetts