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Only Campground on Cape Cod rated 10/10*/10 by Trailer Life!

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With 230 sites,
we have at least one that is perfect for you!

Cape Cod Campresort has become Cape Cod’s premier destination resort, offering a combination of the finest rental units and campsites anywhere on the Cape. Our 230 sites are both spacious and scenic, averaging 1600 square feet in size, with many “premium sites” over 2400 square feet and able to meet the needs of today’s largest RV’s. All RV sites are level, and most are paved. We can easily accommodate a 48’ bus with slide-outs, with sewer and 50 amp electric. Large wooded sites with lake views are available, along with cabin and cottage rentals and one of the finest secluded, dedicated tenting facilities in the region for our tent campers who are more comfortable in a natural, wilderness setting. Most of our sites are shaded by whispering pines. If you do not own your own camping equipment but would like to sample the camping experience, we are also pleased to offer both cabin and cottage rentals. Reservations are highly recommended, with reservation requests easily made online using the form below.

Campsites at Cape Cod Campresort Spacious campsites at Cape Cod Campresort Secluded tentsites at Cape Cod Campresort Rental cabins at Cape Cod Campresort
2016 Campsite Rates

Cape Cod Campresort accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Site Classifications

Tent Sites

These sites can accommodate two large tents and at least one vehicle. Sites have fireplaces, picnic tables and water. Grey water discharge facilities and 15 amp electric sockets (for charging appliances and cell phones) available nearby. No electricity available on the actual site. Wi-Fi available at Wi-Fi Cafe or Clubhouse.

Small Sites

These sites can accommodate two large tents and two vehicles. Sites have water, 15-amp electric (not suitable to run any kind of household appliances), fireplaces and picnic tables. No sewer. Wi-Fi available at Wi-Fi Café or Clubhouse.

Standard Sites

These sites are at least 40 ft. long (average 1,600 square ft.) and will accommodate up to 38 ft. in overall length, including tow vehicle. Sites have water, 30-amp electric, sewer, cable TV, fireplaces and picnic tables. Most standard sites are paved. Wi-Fi available at Wi-Fi Café or Clubhouse.

Large Sites

These sites are at least 50 ft. long (average 1,800 square ft.) and will accommodate up to 48 ft. in overall length, including tow vehicle. Sites have water, 30-amp electric, sewer, cable TV, fireplaces and picnic tables. All large sites are paved and most have Wi-Fi. Others can access Wi-Fi at Wi-Fi Café or Clubhouse.

Premium Sites

These sites are at least 60 ft. long (average 2,200 square ft.) and will accommodate up to 58 ft. in overall length, including tow vehicle. Sites have water, 50-amp electric, sewer, cable TV, fireplaces and picnic tables. All premium sites are paved and most have Wi-Fi. Others can access Wi-Fi at Wi-Fi Cafe or Clubhouse.


These world class sites are our best Premium and large sites that have been completely rebuilt and beautifully landscaped. They also include custom paver patios and walkways, BBQ grill and custom brick fireplaces, special family sized picnic tables with umbrellas. Limited availability.

Off-Season Rates
May 1, 2016 - June 23, 2016 | September 6, 2016 - October 15, 2016

  Daily Holidays Weekly* Monthly**
Tent Site $34.00 $53.00 $214.00 $550.00
Small Site $39.00 $59.00 $246.00 $650.00
Standard Site $49.00 $71.00 $309.00 $800.00
Large Site $59.00 $84.00 $372.00 $975.00
Large Glampsite $69.00 $94.00 $440.00 $1,255.00
Premium Site $69.00 $95.00 $435.00 $1,150.00
Premium Glampsite $79.00 $105.00 $505.00 $1,430.00

Base rates are for a family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children). One RV or tent and one vehicle.
Additional persons or pets may be substituted.
Standard / Large / Premium Sites include cable TV and wi-fi, where available.
Three night minimum stay on Memorial Day Weekend.
Three night minimum stay on Labor Day Weekend.
Off-season storage, when available, $20.00 per day.
Some facilities and amenities may be closed or unavailable during the off season.
* Weekly rates do not apply on holidays.
** Monthly rates include 2 adults, 2 children, and 2 cars. Additional persons or pets may be substituted.

Prime Season Rates
June 24, 2016 - September 5, 2016

  Daily Holidays Weekly* Monthly**
Tent Site $53.00 $65.00 $335.00 $1,195.00
Small Site $59.00 $71.00 $374.00 $1,340.00
Standard Site $71.00 $84.00 $449.00 $1,625.00
Large Site $84.00 $95.00 $525.00 $1,865.00
Large Glampsite $94.00 $105.00 $595.00 $2,145.00
Premium Site $95.00 $107.00 $600.00 $2,075.00
Premium Glampsite $105.00 $117.00 $670.00 $2,355.00

Base rates are for a family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children). One RV or tent and one vehicle.
Additional persons or pets may be substituted.
Standard / Large / Premium Sites include cable TV and wi-fi, where available.
Five night minimum stay on Fourth of July Weekend.
Four night minimum stay on weekends in July & August.
Three night minimum stay on Labor Day Weekend.
* Weekly rates do not apply on holidays.
** Monthly rates include 2 adults, 2 children, and 2 cars. Additional persons or pets may be substituted.

Additional Person & Visitor Fees | Other Charges
May 1, 2016 - October 15, 2016

  Prime Season
& Holidays
(Excluding Holidays)
Additional Person / Visitor***
(over 18 years)
$16.00 per day $8.00 per day
Additional Person / Visitor***
(3 - 18 years)
$8.00 per day $4.00 per day
Boat / Other Trailer $14.00 per day $7.00 per day
Additional Vehicle $10.00 per day $5.00 per day
Additional Tents $12.00 per day $6.00 per day
Firewood $7.00 $7.00
Pets $6.00 per day $3.00 per day

Massachusetts Law requires all occupants of the campground to be registered at all times.
*** Persons leaving within 1/2 hour will be refunded.

Click here for Seasonal Site Information

Campsite Reservation Request Form

You can now make your Cape Cod Campresort reservation requests online. Simply complete the form below to make a reservation request for a campsite. If you would like to reserve one of our cabin rentals, click here for the correct form.

Please understand that this is strictly a Reservation Request Form. You do not have an actual reservation until it has been confirmed, and a reservation cannot be confirmed until your deposit or payment in full has been processed and authorized.
For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards. We will contact you within 24 hours via either e-mail or telephone to confirm availability and to obtain a credit card number to secure your reservation. If you need to confirm your reservation immediately or would like to make a reservation for an arrival within less than 48 hours, please call us at (508) 548-1458 during normal business hours. A minimum deposit of 30% is required on all reservations, with the balance due at least 14 days prior to arrival. Full payment in advance will lock in price, expedite check-in, and avoid automatic cancellation due to failure to remit balance on time. If space is not available, we will contact you via e-mail. If you prefer, you may print this page after completing the form. The completed form may then be faxed to us at (508) 457-4481 or mailed to us with the minimum deposit or preferably payment in full. Sorry, but our system does not allow reservations of individual site or cabin numbers. We will always do our best to accommodate your request but reserve the right to exchange or substitute site assignments at our discretion. Sites are generally assigned upon arrival.

Cape Cod Campresort accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

* = Required fields.
Please complete the entire form before pressing the “Submit” button!

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Reservation Request
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Three night minimum stay on Memorial Day Weekend.
Five night minimum stay on Fourth of July Weekend.
Four night minimum stay on weekends in July & August.
Three night minimum stay on Labor Day Weekend.
(Additional Fees Apply for Extra Vehicles)
Additional Equipment:
Air Conditioners and Electric Heaters:
(Charges included in standard, large and premium sites.)
Type of site required:
I am interested in the following special options:
More Information: Spring Fling / Fall Frolic
Deposits: A minimum deposit of 30% is required on all reservations, with the balance due at least 14 days prior to arrival. Full payment in advance will lock in price, expedite check-in, and avoid automatic cancellation due to failure to remit balance on time.
Refunds: Due to the seasonal nature of our business and limited availability of sites, there will be no cash refunds unless a minimum of 14 days notice is provided. In such cases, a 70% refund will be issued, with a 30% deposit fee forfeited. Cancellations received less than 14 days prior to scheduled arrival date are non-refundable.
Please confirm that you have read and agree to abide by
the reservation, cancellation, and refund policies which are outlined above,
as well as our complete resort rules, regulations, site and cabin descriptions.
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There is no place like this place near this place, so this must be “the place”.
Cape Cod Campresort & Cabins … “The Place” to Be on Cape Cod!

Cape Cod Campresort & Cabins
176 Thomas B. Landers Road
East Falmouth, MA 02536

(508) 548-1458
Off-Season: 1 800 865-3829

Sorry, but a Javascript-enabled browser is required to e-mail me.

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